Your Rights

You are entitled to certain rights after suffering a pregnancy loss, neonatal loss, or failed fertility treatment.

  • Advocacy

We at Start Healing Together understand how difficult it can be to advocate for yourself when in the midst of grief and/or fertility treatments. We are here to provide support and guidance as you advocate for yourself. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing that, please allow us to be your voice and advocate on your behalf. We promise to keep all information confidential. We want to ensure that everyone receives the support they deserve.

  • Bereavement Days

Bereavement days may potentially be used for miscarriage, TFMR, stillbirth, infant loss, or failed ART procedure. Talk to your local association representative, and any additional questions or concerns can be directed to or

It is paramount that contract language be amended to be inclusive of all family-building experiences.

After a stillbirth or neonatal loss, you may be able to apply for FMLA. It is 12 weeks of unpaid leave. However, it can be taken intermittently at an agreed-upon schedule with your district.

After a stillbirth or neonatal loss, you may be able to use the above options. You may be eligible for Temporary Disability Insurance, but you will need to check with your school district to see if they opted into the state plan. The Family Leave Insurance may be available for a partner or spouse who is taking time off from work to care for the birthing parent recovering from delivery. Again, you will need to submit a claim to see if you qualify.

  • Returning to Work

When you are ready to return to work, we can work with you to make a plan to help ease you into the transition. To begin considering your plan, or if you are a support person, review our suggested guidance. Tips can be found in Jackie's article, "Returning to Work After Pregnancy Loss," published with Pregnancy After Loss Support.

This information is available to anyone.

There are three webinars available concerning family building: Supporting Members through Pregnancy Loss, Helping Members Navigate the IVF Process, and Hearing our Members' Stories about Adoption and Fostering.

There are three webinars available concerning pregnancy, parental leave, and returning to work: Overview of Resources for Healthy Pregnancy, Birth, and Parental Mental Health; Access and Maximize Paid Leave Options to Care for Yourself, a Child, and/or a Loved One; Breastfeeding and Pumping Rights and Resources for Educators.


This Act sets for 20 weeks gestation meeting the mandatory threshold for death statistics in NJ. This means that 20 weeks gestation or later counts as a "child" in contractual language.

If your contract allows you bereavement leave for a "child," and you then have a loss at 20 weeks gestation or later, this statute allows you bereavement leave.